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3D Illusion USB LED Night Light 7 Color Changing Desk Table Lamp Xmas Gift

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SKU: 1107830


Material: Acrylic
Voltage: DC5V
Wattage: 6W
Light Color: 7 Color Changing

– Magical Panel 3D optical illusion LED light
– Made of Acrylic Glass. Acrylic Glass or Perspex have similar light transmitting properties like the fiber optics.
  Light introduced at one end will flow through the Acrylic Glass and later come out at other ends.
– Its energy efficient LED lights has a long lasting lifetime.
– It is perfect for a desk decoration and also great as gift.
– The lamp is power by USB.
-The RGB type will change colors automatically.
Product size:
Artistic bottle: 17*10.5*8.5cm
Telesthesia: 19.3*12*8.5cm
Elk: 18*7*8.5cm
Deer: 19*9*8.5cm
Rose: 19*13.8.5cm
Balloon: 19*13*8.5cm
Bulb: 17.5*11.5*8.5cm
Rose vase: 16.5*10.5*8.5cm
Ddolphin: 18*12*8.5cm
Diamond ring: 18*11*8.5cm

Package included:
1x LED Light
1x USB Cable